Is your PGWP about to expire or has it already expired, and you have been worried about what to do? You may now breath a sigh of relief.

Following the public policy of the Federal government of Canada which takes effect from the 27th of January 2021 until July 27, 2021 . International Students with a  Post – Graduate Work permit that is about to expire or already expired may apply for a now open work permit to enable them to remain in Canada.

The new open work permit will be valid for 18 month and afford the student the opportunity to work for any employer of their choice in Canada.

Eligibility Requirement:

Relief at Last!

Post Graduate Work Permit Holders Get Relief at Last

  • Applicant must hold a PGWP that expired on or after January 30, 2020 or a PGWP that expires in 4 months or less from the date of application.
  • Have a valid Temporary status or be applying to restore his or her status.
  • The applicant must posses a valid passport

For more information or request for professional assistance with this application please contact us at Phone: 403 539 2237